[chuck-users] proposal

eduard eduard.aylon at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 20:39:53 EDT 2005

Hi Ge and others,

I have a proposal, which I don't know if people would agree it is  
important but that I personally would find handy. I am a newbie with  
chuck and maybe there is a way to accomplish such thing. If that were  
the case my apologies but I couldn't figure it out from reading the  

The proposal is to be able to have a  "name" public method for Shreds.
This comes in handy when one runs the same ck-program several times  
with different settings each time and therefore being able to  
differentiate from each other easily.
It has happened to me that I've removed shreds that I didn't want to.

One could assign the name by issuing:

machine.add("foo.ck", "foo_1")  //where foo_1 would be the name  

hmm.., now that I am writting this lines I'm thinking could add and  
remove shreds by doing:

machine.add("foo.ck") => int foo_1_id;
machine.remove( foo_1_id );

However this would require keeping a "main" program, and the  
foo_1_id, would be a local variable from the first run of the  

So in the end, I think it would be nice to issue ./chuck ^ and see  
the status with more representative names than those from the ck- 
program filenames.

Sorry, I went a bit messy by the end of the email.


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