[chuck-users] The ChucK Manual prerelease

Adam Tindale adamtindale at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 26 20:35:54 EST 2005

Hi Eduard,

Thanks for your comments. I agree about having more thorough  
documentation. I will add the changes you suggest. I don't have time  
to add in an example for everything in the docs. I also don't know  
when things break or change. Sometimes I hear about it and sometimes  
I don't. I am more than happy to make small changes and keep the  
manual as up to date as possible. If you have any small patches that  
demonstrate ugen parameters I would love to add them to the docs.  
That goes for all you ChucKers out there. This is a community  
project. Let's all help each other!

Please let me know anything that you would like to see in the manual.  
I am the documentation editor. I develop some of the docs, but most  
of it has been developed by Ge, Ananya and Phil. They deserve a big  
round of applause.

The docs should help you learn ChucK. If they don't then let me know.

Thanks for your input.


On 26-Nov-05, at 4:34 AM, eduard wrote:

> Hello all,
> I think you have done a great job on writing the documentation,  
> however I have found that it is not "completely" up to date.
> For instance, when I use impulse.value() I get an error like class  
> 'impulse' has no member 'value'.

Right, I haven't put that in yet. Will do. Thanks for pointing it out.

> The same for things like math.pi, which now seems it's only pi.
This I am not aware of, but thanks for pointing it out. Maybe this  
should be fixed so that old patches aren't broken. Ge?

> But both of them ( impulse.value() and math.pi() ) appear in the  
> documentation. These two examples are the only ones I can remember  
> now, but I think I found other ones in the past, but not sure now.
> I would find very useful to have more explicit examples for each  
> UGen, such as  writing an example in which you use all (or most of)  
> the members.
> Also, I would give an interval, when possible, for the values they  
> can take and give a little explanation for each member depending on  
> the values they take. i.e:
> .rate [0, inf)  a rate of 0 would mean blablabla and a rate of 2  
> would mean blablablabla
> Explaining every member can be a bit redundant, but sometimes it is  
> not that clear how you can use them and what values make sense.
> I hope this feedback is useful,
Extremely, thank you.

> Thanks
> Eduard
> On 17 Nov 2005, at 17:01, Ge Wang wrote:
>> Hi Adam and all,
>> This is great!!  (It's about time we retire the poor doc/GOTO file  
>> in the current distribution and include actual documentation.)
>> Spectacular job to Adam and many others for creating the manual!
>> We still have much work to do on documentation: tutorial series  
>> are coming soon, and we need to document the emerging features/ 
>> bugs and class libraries.  It would also be nice to aggregate  
>> existing chuck documentation nodes (including Gary Williams's  
>> Beginning ChucK blog and others).  Please pipe up if you want to  
>> join this effort.
>> Great job once again to Adam and others on the manual.  Adam, when  
>> do you think we can start shipping it with the distribution?
>> Best,
>> Ge!
>> On Mon, 14 Nov 2005, Adam Tindale wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I have been working on the manual for almost a year. It is  
>>> nearing "completion". Some of you may have seen it in cvs. You  
>>> can get your copy here:
>>> http://web.uvic.ca/~art/chuck/ChucK_manual.pdf
>>> I am making a public plea for help. The manual needs your help,  
>>> fellow ChucKer. What needs to be documented? Do you have ideas?  
>>> Do you know what all the values of the UGens are? The manual  
>>> should help you use ChucK better. I hope to put it out in the  
>>> wild "soon", in the truest ChucK sense of soon...
>>> I will take patches in plain text or .diff files.  I will take  
>>> criticism or abuse or ideas. I am more than happy to typeset  
>>> text, but I only have so much time to write up tutorials, etc. If  
>>> you have an idea for a tutorial, get it started and then I can  
>>> finish it off when I merge it to the docs.
>>> The manual is done with LaTeX. If you or someone you know wants  
>>> to help with that part of the manual it would be greatly  
>>> appreciated.
>>> Enjoy. I look forward to you comments.
>>> --art
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