[chuck-users] ChucKML

Nelson Ferraz nferraz at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 22:07:32 EDT 2005


I wanted to use ChucK to play some wave files in sequence, so I wrote
a small script to read a XML file and generate the ChucK code for me.
I called it "ChucKML".

Here's a sample ChucKML file:

        <wave src="wav/snd1.wav" repeat_every="3::second"/>
        <wave src="wav/snd2.wav" start_after="12::second"
        <wave src="wav/snd3.wav" start_after="36::second"

Sample usage:

$ chuckml sample.xml > sample.ck
$ chuck sample.ck

(The first command generates a .ck file, and the second command plays it.)

This is a simple prototype, but I thought someone will find it useful.
Perhaps it could be used to introduce ChucK to anyone who can write


Nelson Ferraz
GNU BIS - www.gnubis.com.br

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