[chuck-users] dorkbot-chicago tomorrow

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Mon Apr 10 19:54:14 EDT 2006

I think it went well, people seemed to enjoy seeing something live.
Mine was almost exclusively demo, and my copresenters were much more
art theory - explanation types of stuff.

That being said, maybe more story would help hold the interest of the
less code-oriented folks.

My friend Vinny made a recording that I'm keeping for review, but it's
mostly just some ChucK music and me being inarticulate. When I put it
up I'll send a link as long as you do not listen to too much of it.

Also, the tutorial that I was working on is in an almost-adequate state.
I'd appreciate any suggestions on content, presentation, more reference to
introductory materiel, etc:



On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, Ge Wang wrote:

> Hi Graham!
> > yay! Make us proud.
> I will do my best/worst!
> How did your dorkbot-atlanta presentation go?
> Ge!
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