[chuck-users] ChucK output bit depth, etc. (OS X)

mrcarp at comcast.net mrcarp at comcast.net
Mon Aug 14 09:09:46 EDT 2006


What is ChucK's default output bit-depth? 16? every time I run it from 
the command line is resets the bit depth in OS X 10.4.7's Audio MIDI 
Settings to 16 bits. Is there a way to specify this?

Also, when I run MiniAudicle (MacBook, 10.4.7), adding a shred 
containing access to the dac causes MiniAudicle to crash. I've tried 
numerous different settings in both the MiniAudicle preferences and in 
OS X's Audio MIDI settings.

Also, generally, can anyone comment on the infuriating susceptibility 
of the OS X Audio MIDI settings to being overridden, reset, changed, 
etc., by practically any application?

Obviously, I'm new to Mac/OS X, so any insight into how this affects 
the applications, themselves, would be appreciated, i.e., should I only 
worry about what the application audio settings/post is telling me?

Thanks a lot, in advance...


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