[chuck-users] benchmarking chuck

Axel Balley axou.b at wanadoo.fr
Sun Feb 19 12:30:19 EST 2006

Le 19 févr. 06 à 16:29, Perry R Cook a écrit :

> PS: Wonder how many sines Max/MSP will spin?
> _______________________________________________

Le 19 févr. 06 à 12:33, Atte André Jensen a écrit :

> Did a quick-n-dirty comparison with csound, in which I could get  
> 660 sine waves (actually I had expected more...).


Just for the record, I reached 430 sines on a recent build of  
SuperCollider 3 before CPU usage maxed out on a Powerbook G4 800/1GB.  
I should have stopped earlier, as my system slowed down to a crawl  
and I couldn't fore quit the app without a full reboot.
Anyway, I read that SuperCollider's creator really is an optimization  
freak :)


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