[chuck-users] benchmarking chuck

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 15:30:56 EST 2006

Axel Balley wrote:

> Just for the record, I reached 430 sines on a recent build of  
> SuperCollider 3 before CPU usage maxed out on a Powerbook G4 800/1GB. 

I know I stated this, and I probably shouldn't have :-) Graham had a 
piece of code that he asked other chuckers to try out on different 
systems. This is sane and already helped him adjust his os for better 

If the question was "how many sines can you squeeze out of chuck" it 
already starts go make less sense. It would largely depend on how clever 
the programmer is and how well he knows the inner workings of chuck.

When we start doing it in other synths it really doesn't make sense to 
compare. My test for instance was in no way optimized, and I don't know 
csound internals well enough to say what's the most effecient way, so 
I'd have to experiment, which I didn't have time to.

Besides, sines are close to the most musically un-interresting test in 
the first place. At least I never composed anything that only involved 

peace, love & harmony


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