[chuck-users] redirecting console output

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Jan 27 23:00:38 EST 2006


> Is there a way to redirect the std output to a text file?

To direct stdout to file:

   %> chuck foo.ck > foo.txt

However, I believe ChucK is only writing to stderr at the moment,
even <<< >>>, so you would need a slightly different redirect:

   %> chuck foo.ck >& foo.txt

This latter feature works almost everywhere except for Windows/DOS.
If you want to do this on Windows, you will need cygwin.

> I'd like to use chuck to annotate songs, i.e. when I hear a kick a 
> press a midi keyboard and I tell chuck to output the elapsed time to 
> the console. I'd like to write this output to a text file, but I
> haven't succeed.

Cool!  We are sorry that file I/O still doesn't exist except for audio 
files.  However, we are working on it.

Hope this helps.


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