[chuck-users] warning: new chuck (bug fixes)

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Jul 19 21:17:39 EDT 2006


We are about to release new chuck/miniAudicle/audicle (announcements 
will be sent to [chuck] and [audicle]).  It still won't have garbage 
collection or string manipulations, but several of the known 
long-standing bugs have been fixed, including multiple declarations, 
sporking member functions, ++/--, miniAudicle fixes, and more 
undocumented audicle features.  Garbage collection will require several 
wide-area changes, and we would like to get a relatively stable pre-gc 
version of things out.  If you like, test things a bit and let us know, 
once the new versions are out.

So uh, stay tuned.  This is only a warning.


chuck team

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