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Thought people from this list would be interested...

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> From: Ge Wang <gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU>
> Date: July 24, 2006 11:33:45 PM GMT+02:00
> To: music-ir at listes.ircam.fr
> Subject: [MUSIC-IR] [ANN] Introducing TAPESTREA
> Dear all,
> We'd like to introduce TAPESTREA, a system for
> analysis/transforming/synthesis of environmental sounds:
>     http://taps.cs.princeton.edu/
> The initial public release (most likely GPL) will take place
> in the near future.  In the meantime, there are papers, audio
> examples, and a video delineating the ideas and features
> of Taps.  For anyone interested, there is also a mailing list
> where future releases will be announced and where
> discussions can take place.  This is joint work between
> Ananya Misra (project leader), Perry Cook, myself, and
> others.  We invite you to take a look/listen and please let
> us know of any questions and suggestions.
> Thanks!!!
> Various components of the system shall be presented this
> year at SIGGRAPH (sketch), DAFx, and ICMC.
> Best,
> Ananya, Perry, Ge
> ---
> from the bakery:
> TAPESTREA (or taps) is a unified framework for analyzing,
> transforming, and synthesizing complex environmental sounds.
> Given one or more recordings, it provides well-defined means
> to: (1) identify points of interest in the sound and extract them
> into reusable templates, (2) transform sound components
> independently of the background and/or other events,
> (3) continually resynthesize the background texture in a
> perceptually convincing manner, (4) controllably place event
> templates over backgrounds, using a novel graphical user
> interface and/or ChucK scripts, and (5) leverage similarity
> based retrieval to locate other interesting sound components.
> Taps makes it possible to completely transform a sound scene,
> dynamically generate sound scenes of unlimited length, and
> construct new scenes or compositions by combining elements
> from different recordings.
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