[chuck-users] [chuck] miniAudicle- release (mac + linux + win)

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Jul 27 13:17:54 EDT 2006

Hey there,
The "imaginary" build-gtk directory refers to whichever directory in  
the wxWidgets source tree you ran "configure" in.  I think in the  
wxGTK installation instructions it recommends configuring/building in  
a separate directory called "build-gtk".  If you didnt do this, you  
can probably just cd to "contrib/src/stc" in the root directory of  
the wxWidgets source and "make; make install" there.

It seems a lot of the build errors are coming from unicode issues,  
which makes sense because we didnt test this out with the Unicode  
version of wxWidgets.  An immediate solution I can propose is to  
build the non-unicode version of wxWidgets and compile against that.   
I think this should be okay for a quick fix, because the ANSI and  
Unicode libraries are named differently and can peacefully coexist  
on the same system.  Once we can put together a Unicode-savvy  
miniAudicle, the Unicode wxWidgets libraries can be easily swapped in.


On Jul 27, 2006, at 8:57 AM, Atte André Jensen wrote:

> Spencer Salazar wrote:
>> This is the first miniAudicle version for which (experimental, but
>> generally usable) [Windows and] Linux versions are available.
> Great!!!!!
> I tried to build it (debian/linux), I followed everything except "2.
> Build the Styled Text Control (STC) wxWidgets contrib library."  
> Since I
> couldn't find the directory build-gtk).
> When I try to make I get:
> [atte at aarhus miniAudicle-]$ make linux-alsa
> make -f makefile.alsa
> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/atte/software/chuck/ 
> miniAudicle-'
> gcc -o wxw/mAParentFrame.o -D__LINUX_ALSA__ -D__LINUX__
> -D__MA_WXWIDGETS__ `wx-config --cppflags` -O3 -c - 
> -Ichuck/src -Iwxw -I/home/atte/software/chuck/miniAudicle-
> wxw/mAParentFrame.cpp
> wxw/mAParentFrame.cpp: In constructor `
>     mAParentFrame::mAParentFrame(miniAudicle*, wxDocManager*,  
> wxFrame*,
> const
>     wxString&, const wxPoint&, const wxSize&, long int)':
> wxw/mAParentFrame.cpp:369: error: no matching function for call to
> `wxString::
>     Printf(const char[], const char[], const char[])'
> /usr/include/wx-2.6/wx/string.h:1080: error: candidates are: int
>     wxString::Printf(const wxChar*, ...)
> make[1]: *** [wxw/mAParentFrame.o] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/atte/software/chuck/ 
> miniAudicle-'
> make: [linux-alsa] Error 2 (ignored)
> Is this because I skipped step 2? If so a little more explanation
> regarding where I find the directory and/or which package I might be
> missing would be appreciated.
> Really looking forward to get this running!
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