[chuck-users] What about "delayp"

Philip Davidson philipd at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Jun 8 10:55:24 EDT 2006

sorry for the late reply  . 'p' is for phil, and I hacked this in
for an early gluck demo, and it was never really completed.  delayp is 
currently 'on probation' as it hasn't been updated to the newer versions 
of chuck.

it was intended to allow you ( in a single delay line ) to change the 
delay length without modifying the delay for elements that were already 
placed in the buffer.  As an example, input A occurs with delay at 2 
second.  half a second later, write B at delay 1 second, and A will 
still occur half a second before B...or at least, that was the idea.

Jim Hinds wrote:
> I'm looking at the documentation for the unit generator 'delayp'
> Too cryptic for me.  The source code isn't very helpful either.  And  
> the delayp.ck example prog seems to have gone missing.  Can anyone  
> enlighten me about the adjustable write window and what that is  
> supposed to do?
> Jim Hinds
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