[chuck-users] ADSR modulation question

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 08:48:57 EDT 2006

I think I understand what you want, chances are you are used to
modular systems and so "noise n => biquad f => dac;" looks sensible
and you now also want to go "ADSR e => f.pfreq;" (or something
similar) like a patch cable, right?

Well, I'm sorry but that won't work. Writing to parameters has to be
done explicidly at some controll rate (or at least in some sort of
known series of events). The good news though is that controll rate
can be the sample rate if you need it to or it can be the highest rate
that doesn't cause glitches on your cpu or you can dynamically
modulate it through the piece or whatever.

This is a lot more powerfull then Csound (where everything has the
same controll rate set at the begining) or the Nord Modular (where
it's always a 4th of the sample rate) but it still inherits from the
traditional computer music concept of "controll rates" (meant to save

I'm not sure about you but to me at first this looked clumsy compared
to the Nord Modular (and similar systems) for simple synthesis.
However, now that I figured out that this makes "controll rate" in
chuck work the same as "musical events" it kinda makes sense to me. Hz
and BPM, after all, are different words for the same sort of

I hope that clarifies a little and doesn't disapoint too much.
relative to other systems I think this is a very good idea but nothing
is perfect, especially not ChucK. Then again; ChucK doesn't claim to
be perfect as soon as you just buy it either which lots of other
things seem to do.....


> Hi there
> I'd like to setup a patch like this...
> noise n => biquad f => dac;
> ...and then have an adsr modulate f.pfreq. I know how to use ADSR for
> modulating volume (just send it through) and I also know that the
> modulation can be done with explicit timing using a loop and chucking to
> now at "control rate".
> But is it done with an ADSR?

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