[chuck-users] ADSR modulation question

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 09:50:14 EDT 2006

Kassen wrote:

> Well, I'm sorry but that won't work. Writing to parameters has to be
> done explicidly at some controll rate (or at least in some sort of
> known series of events).


Well I appreciate the power inherent power with the way chuck works.

My problem with accepting that is not so much conceptual as code 
modularity. All of the examples (however fine they are) are stand-alone 
programs that have to think of all aspects. But what I really, really 
need to do is to be able to (sometimes) seperate "the patch" from "the 
notes". IOW I need to encapsulate some kind of instrumental idea and be 
able to reuse it everywhere.

AFAICS the need to explicit worry about timing when modulating something 
makes that close to impossible. The instrument shouldn't care if it's 
requested to play for 1::ms or 1::week, however to me (but I'm still new 
to chuck concepts + tricks) this seems to be totally intertwined with 
what informaion the caller has.

How does everyone go about modualizing their setup, thus seperating 
noise making from note making?

BTW: I can of course think of a lot of situations where this seperation 
of instrument/score (old csounder here) doesn't make sense, and I 
already use alot of that. But sometimes I just want to encapsulate that 
nice bassdrumm sound for reuse...

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