[chuck-users] hid

Spencer D Salazar (ssalazar@Princeton.EDU) ssalazar at Princeton.EDU
Fri Jun 30 15:51:12 EDT 2006

> What I'd actually like as well is realy simple; I'd like to be 
> able to
> write to the scroll-lock led. I'd realy like to make the scroll-lock
> key blink once on the sequence's "one", I actually considered 
> doing a
> small program for that in Pascal or something and calling it from
> ChucK.
> Writing to leds on a HID device would be nice too, basically what 
> I do
> want is some visual feedback but I don't want to be staring at the
> schreen while making music if it's not nesicary.

HidIn with mouse and keyboard support is on its way (probably next release), and a new HidOut object is also in the works, which would allow easy programmatic access to keyboard LEDs and also force feedback effects in joysticks.  

> BTW, doesn't OSX deal with devices like the other *nixes do? Why 
> on earth not?

Actually I think it might; i dont have my mac handy so i cant check at the moment.  If it does that would make it not so tricky, contrary to my previous email.  Nobody in Mac Dev land really talks about it though, and the current mac HID stuff in chuck uses a different API, so i forgot about that... :/


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