[chuck-users] running chuck as a process with no terminal?

joerg piringer joerg at piringer.net
Wed Nov 15 08:01:39 EST 2006

yes, i use wxExecute (the c++ version).
you can also capture the output with it but i don't know how this works 
in wxPython. sometimes the two APIs are quite different.

i think there are examples of wxPython and opengl if you download the 
wxPython-Demo & examples. i've only tried pygame/SDL & wxPython which 
works fine.

your project sound interesting so far. what do you try to achieve? just 
being curios...


altern wrote:
> ok, i found it, i guess it is
> wx.Execute
> thanks for the pointer, i just need to fix now the wxpython support on 
> my system. I am doing opengl graphics on a canvas within a wxpython 
> window and i never get it right...
> altern wrote:
>> hi joerg
>> do you remember the command to achieve this?
>> thanks
>> enrike
>> joerg piringer wrote:
>>> what GUI toolkit do you use?
>>> in wxPython there's a possibility to start a process without a 
>>> terminal window and capture it's output.
>>> i used this with OSCSurface. it's written in c++ & wxWidgets but it 
>>> should be similar in wxPython.
>>> link:
>>> http://joerg.piringer.net/index.php?href=software/oscsurface.xml&mtitle=software 
>>> best
>>> joerg
>>> altern wrote:
>>>> hi
>>>> i am launching chuck from python (i have a python GUI and chuck works as
>>>> sound engine). When I run chuck from python it opens a terminal, I would
>>>> like to hide this. I use python os.spawnv command for this.
>>>> In PD there is a startup flag -nogui that launches pd as a process with
>>>> no console whatsoever, only visible via top or process list. Anything
>>>> like that in ChucK? i have checked the documentation for the virtual
>>>> machine but i could not see anything in this direction.
>>>> Another important issue i am having is that as soon as the chuck 
>>>> terminal loses the focus the sound stops. So when I select the python 
>>>> window the sound stops. Is there any way to avoid this?
>>>> I am working on xp at the moment, so i havent tested if this happens as
>>>> well on linux or osx.
>>>> I have very limited access to internet for a few days so i cannot search
>>>> on the mailing list archive or the forum about this issue. Sorry.
>>>> thanks
>>>> enrike
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