[chuck-users] question about sporking

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Oct 30 18:49:18 EST 2006

This is a strange problem... perhaps you could send some small  
snippet of chuck source that reproduces the issue?

One idea that might be worth trying is doing an un-chuck on all of  
the shred's ugens from the dac before killing that shred.  If I  
recall correctly, the virtual machine should be doing this for you  
for free, but maybe something is going wrong with that.  Doing it  
explicitly is supposed to stop all audio coming out of the ugens that  
you unchuck.  For example, for a patch like this:

Blit b => LPF lowpass => dac;
BlitSquare sq => PRCRev rev => dac;

you would unchuck everything directly connected to the dac before  
exiting, like this:

lowpass =< dac;
rev =< dac;


On Oct 29, 2006, at 12:03 PM, <babiakb at bellsouth.net>  
<babiakb at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> I sent a message earlier today but didn't see it.  if it comes  
> through twice for some reason, forgive.
> My problem is this: I spork a shred in code.  I do this with a  
> reference, like, spork ~ function () @=> Shred @ reference
> then when it's time to remove, i use Machine.remove( reference,id() );
> the problem is, with oscillators and stks, the shreds do not stop  
> audio cleanly.  for example, when i have phasor => lpf => dac and  
> remove the shred, the notes stop, but a high pitched tone lingers.   
> also, when BlowBotl => rev => dac and remove the shred, the notes  
> stop, but a medium pitched noise sound lingers forever.
> the time is synchronized to beat with now % T etc.  I tried  
> chucking and unchucking the ugens at the end of every loop.  i  
> tried with machine.add and remove from file instead of spork.  i  
> tried setting the gain and freq to zero at the end of every loop,  
> but all these methods result in lingering sound.
> how do you completely kill the audio from a shred in code?
> any help?
> thanks in advance,
> brian
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