[chuck-users] Anyone else running ChucK dual-core in 64-bit mode?

Michel Koppelaar michel.koppelaar at xs4all.nl
Sat Apr 28 18:51:53 EDT 2007

On Sat, 28 Apr 2007 16:20:24 -0400 (EDT)
Ge Wang <gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU> wrote:


> The question is this: is it possible to compile ChucK under 64-bit linux 
> in a 32-bit mode?  (We don't know this answer to this one).

It's probably not impossible since most distros have tools for running programs
in 32-bit mode. What makes this option non-trivial, however, is the fact that 
all libraries that you depend on must also be around in a 32-bit incarnation. 
So, for instance, you need a 32-bit libsndfile, which needs a 32-bit libFLAC...
Ubuntu does a fair job at 32-bit compatibility, but simply adding the -m32 
compiler flag does not get me a 32-bit ChucK. 

Many people seem to be using chrooted 32-bit environments though - this might
work. I might look into this option when I get some more time.


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