[chuck-users] Hardware information?

Carl-Gustaf Harroch charroch at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 06:26:55 EDT 2007


First mail in this mailing list and there will probably be many more.
I am a newbie with chuck. Been reading a bit and I am very excited to
get my brain into this. Thanks all for putting this public. This looks
exactly the type of language I ve been looking for in the last couple
of months. I come from the programming side rather then musical.

Anyway, my question relates to hardware. I am using ubuntu or gentoo
OS. Do you have any hardware recommendation for a sound card? My
current inboard card flickers the sound when I launch a simple sin
loop. Even without any sound, I can hear some noises - I just think my
current card is really really bad. Do you have any suggestions for a
good sound card? What is the best solution - get an amplifier and use
a numeric2analog converter?

Secondly, I guess ALSA is the way to go or JACK, any documentation on that?


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