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am happy with the result it gives
> but began to wonder why s2.freq() in the fun doesn't result into an
> error when activated


gives some sort of default for .freq?

Yes, exactly. Everything has defaults. You can check this yourself by
running this;

SinOsc s => dac;
second => now;

That should give you a one second beep, usefull for testing wether your
speakers are turned on.

If you'd like to know what the defaults are you can check them this way;
SinOsc s;
That will print the frequency it has to your schreen.

You will never get a error doing what you did because regardless of what the
frequency is, it is still a float so you can still multiply it. Of course,
if the frequency would be 0 the result of any multiplication with that will
also be 0. In that case you wouldn't hear anything but you wouldn't get a

I hope that helps,
Happy ChucKing!
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