[chuck-users] forum vs. list (was: simple distortion/clipping)

Stephen Sinclair radarsat1 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 13:16:11 EST 2007

> It turns out that there are people who prefer a forum and others prefer a
> list while yet others (like me) think both are nice in different ways.

Yes, I understand this.
I used to be more of a forum person, but things changed for me,
essentially, when I got my gmail account.
I find the 'label' system so good for tracking mailing lists that I
can't imagine going back.  While previously the idea of receiving huge
amounts of mail offended me, nowadays checking on a forum just seems
so chore-like to me.

In any case, I've always found it funny that there aren't more
forum-mailinglist combination systems out there, considering how
similar the two concepts are.  Some sort of phpBB-mailman integration
could go a long way to solving that problem...  I think there are some
scripts available but it would probably take some work, and not
necessarily be a good solution.

> Somehow it looks like the forum appears more accessible to people who are
> just starting out or are considering to jump in. The forum -so far- also
> seems more conductive to colaborations, while the list tends to be more
> in-depth on a technological level especially once the bugs hit the fan.

I agree, there seems to be tons of cool ideas on the forum, I wish I'd
checked it out earlier.
It's nice to see people exploring chuck in various ways and coming up
with UGen tricks as opposed to just discussing language semantics and
such.  (Though I'm a language nerd so I don't mind.. ;-)

> points as well as a public shared VM capable of streaming for online
> jam-sessions but until then I think that so far the price is worth the
> gains.

That is a really cool idea...
and totally do-able.

ajax-audicle anyone??


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