[chuck-users] generating a wav|mp3 unattended via cron

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 14:31:09 EST 2007

On 1/15/07, Vassili Slessarenko <urbanmuzak at urbanplexus.net> wrote:
> Wouldn't it actually be simpler to just run another cron job in how much
> time you need for chuck to stop writing with "chuck --kill"? that way
> you don't have to know anything about shreds or even programming chuck :)

Well, this scenario was refering to ChucK running without sound. This means
that in a minute of real time ChucK could potentially be generating a hour
(or several....) worth of sound to disk.

Type this at your terminal, just for kicks;

chuck --silent --loop

This will make ChucK do nothing as fast as it can and indeed take about 100%
cpu time doing so. I imagine it could do loads of chuckian time per
objective minute that way and it would become kinda hard to make cron timing
refer to chuckian time.

More sensible -to me- would be scheduling ChucK itself to run when it's time
to wake up. You could even make a snooze function that would silence it for
five minutes after hitting the keyboard. This will also take care of tf the
"stopping all shreds" question; By the time you stopped them manually you're
probably awake.

If learning about ChucK and shreds and stuff would be undesirerable we might
as well call the whole thing off and either get a alarm-clock or take a
gamble on the clarinet player(m/f) still being there in the morning (and
waking before you do).


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