[chuck-users] report on my first livecoding gig

Loscha loscha at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 09:29:24 EDT 2007

That sounds really great, Kassan.
I don't suppose you have any recordings?

 I haven't played with the impulse Ugen much, but, I was using the
step last week to play a 16 step waveform. I think I'll go play with
Impulse now, however.

 I am finding almost all of the "Academic" music kids at my local
Dorkbot (Melbourne, Australia) are using Max for their work, simply
because it was what their lecturers used. I am hoping to change their
opinions on the matter, and expose them to ChucK!


On 6/2/07, Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, that went well.
> It went well because there were lots of nice people, the competitors were
> friendly amongst eachother as well. It went well because nobody had seen
> ChucK and the mini in action before and now people were interested. In the
> last place it went well because I won, that's still nice, even if
> competition is less fun then duets, I think.
> I was up against two MAX-MSP users who were very talented. They should be
> because they won previous rounds, this was sort of the finale of the
> comptition but due to the format that was about three people I was thrown in
> as a surprise challenger. It was a bit sad for my second oponent who was
> clearly handicaped by having had to borrow a laptop and was thrown off by
> the different cursor behaviour, that's probably a huge factor in a graphical
> system like MAX.
> I was using the Mini with a external keyboard. The audience was just used to
> MAX which had been used by all (I think) contenders in all previous rounds
> and at first they gigled at my batered old keyboard and non-pro typing speed
> but with chucK a few lines go a long way.
> One fun moment was showing off "if(maybe)....." which -as I expected went
> over very well as it realy is quite funny. Because of the 6 minute format
> and my typing speed I tried to go for eficiency so I didn't dare to spend
> time on something like "while(float rubber_ducky) {//loop goes here}" which
> would've been even more funny (try it, it works).
> For the first round I used the Shakers as something like "Std.rand2(0,22) =>
> shakers.preset;" seemed like the most economical way of quickly generating a
> nice rithmic yet changing foundation. Then I added a algorithmic bassline
> based partially on modulating the amount of harmonics in Blit instead of a
> filter. At one point, due to a misplaced "greater then" which should've been
> smaller sign my algorithem spun out of controll towards the high end but I
> was able to remidy this in time and it turned into a pleasant surprise that
> sounded good This round was a very narrow win, I thought my oponent Luc
> performed a very strong set of paterned noise and the audience agreed,
> aplauding at length for both of us, creating a need for a tie-breaking
> hand-vote-count.
> I the second round I improvised based on sending Impulse into ResonZ and
> then treating the result by sampling the dac using LiSa. This didn't go
> completely perfect but I think the audience picked up that I was
> considdering all my parameters on the fly and apreceated this.
> Overall it was a great experience and a huge thrill. I'd definately recomend
> it to those on the fense. Clearly you'd need to practice but that's only
> good for your ChucKing skills. I look forward to "defending my title" next
> season already.
> Yours,
> Kas.
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