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Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Thu Mar 8 09:07:54 EST 2007

garton at columbia.edu wrote:
> Quoting Scott Wheeler <wheeler at kde.org>:
> I don't know much about the max/msp policy, but I think Cycling
> imagines it as a development environment and standalones/plugins
> are not covered by any Cycling rights-claims.  There is a weirdness
> with Windows, if anyone is interested I recall some discussion in
> the archives.

I just grabbed the SDK and took a peek.  It is definitely GPL 
incompatible as it requires linking to a non-OSS library.  This isn't so 
much about the Max/MSP SDK license as the ChucK one.



As such, chuck~ violates ChucK's license, not Cycling '74's.  Again, I 
doubt the ChucK authors are deeply offended, but it'd be nice if their 
intent is to allow such things that such were made explicit.  There are 
a number of ways to do that (the GPL provides a mechanism for 
exceptions, there are also popular more permissive licenses, the popular 
variations, in order of permissiveness being BSD, MPL and LGPL.).


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