[chuck-users] "playing" chuck

Stephen Sinclair radarsat1 at gmail.com
Wed May 30 09:48:09 EDT 2007

>  Livecoding is new and it's exciting so people talk about it

perhaps you can explain something that i've wondered about this
livecoding thing..

when you do this, how can you really write the code completely from
scratch? how come there isn't a 30-minute pause at the beginning of
your set while you figure out what sound effect you want to make and
then you perform a z-transform to figure out the filter coefficients
you need or whatnot.  no i'm kidding, I know there are a lot of
pre-built filters in Chuck, but my point is, how much of your code do
you write in advance, or is it really _completely_ on the fly?

i'm imagining that a livecoder would have at least prewritten some
sound effects and is triggering them live on stage by sporking them...
 but how many actual sound routines do you make up right there on the

personally it takes me minutes or hours of coding to get the sound
that i want, that's why i can't figure out how you'd do it on a stage
in front of people..

Maybe there's something about the concept that i'm just not getting..

As for my personal interest in Chuck, I'm actually planning on using
it as an audio back-end for some GUI-style audio applications, I think
it makes for a really nice, OSC-enabled, cross-platform sound driver.
(Well, as soon as I have time to work on something new...)


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