[chuck-users] changing a value with a function

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 16:03:19 EDT 2007

Martin Ahnelöv wrote:

> I don't realy understand what the problem is, but is this the solution
> you are looking for?
> function void changer2(FilterBasic f, float min, float max){
>      while(true){
>          Std.rand2f(min,max) => f.freq;
>          400::ms => now;
>      }
> }
> spork ~ changer2(f, 200., 1000.);

Nah, not really. more like:

SndBuf sample => BPF filter => dac;
SinOsc sine => dac.
function void changer2(float value){
          Std.rand2f(200,1000) => value;
          400::ms => now;
spork ~ changer2(filter.freq);
spork ~ changer2(sine.freq);

So a generic function that can be called on an arbitrary property on any 
ugen, and modify it by call by reference. It would work on any property 
be it SndBuf.rate or Pitch.shift or SinOsc.freq.

I hope this makes my intentions a little more clear. I apologize if my 
initial posting was unclear :-(

peace, love & harmony

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