[chuck-users] SinOsc => Pan2.pan?

Martin Ahnelöv operagasten at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 07:50:23 EST 2007

fre 2007-11-09 klockan 20:58 -0600 skrev Michael Heuer:
> Hello,
> I would like to chuck the output of a SinOsc into the pan parameter of
> a Pan2 ugen.
> Seems like that should be possible but I haven't figured out how to do it yet.
> Thanks,
>    michael

Hm... It seems like we have answered this question a lot. I remember
that I also tried similar things when I were new(er). Is it possible
that someone could put an example like this in the beginning of the
tutorial, like right after the SinOsc
s=>dac;while(true){Std.rand2f(200,900)=>s.freq;100::ms=>now;}-example or
whatever it is. It's an essential feature in chuck, and it have to be
easier to find.


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