[chuck-users] analog to digital conversion simulation

eduard aylon eduard.aylon at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 07:02:20 EDT 2007

Hi kassen,

Thanks for the link. The sync filter is exactly what I am doing. I am  
applying a rectangular window in the frequency domain (so all bins=0  
above the specified freq), which in fact translates into a sync  
function in the time domain. This way is more efficient than  
convolving in the time domain with the sync function.
I'll have a look at your previous post, with more detail.

>  And I think it's entirely normal that it turns out to be hard to  
> make a artefact-free brick-wall filter

Yes, I also think so. I am hoping some experienced dsp guru in the  
list may have some tips.

thanks again,


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