[chuck-users] Chuck and Grad School

mike clemow gelfmuse at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 23:34:14 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

At the risk of being slightly off-topic, I wanted to write to the
community to say that I'm taking a class right now on interactive
sound at ITP (itp.nyu.edu) and I will be trying to do as many of the
exercises as I can using Chuck.  There is a strong Max/MSP contingent
here and it seems not that many people had heard of or used Chuck
much--this surprised me.  I would really like to introduce this crowd
to Chuck; one, because this group is a very pioneering in the field of
interactive media and, two, because I'm very much a believer in Chuck
and it's paradigm.

Part of the class requirements is going to be keep an audio sketchbook
and there will be an associated website for each of the students.
Once it's set up, I will send out the link so that the community
(especially newbies like me) can benefit from some vaguely structured
example set.  The agenda for the class is generally an introduction to
electronic sound (historically and conceptually).  I hope to lay some
groundwork both for further adoption as a platform here at ITP as well
as some resource building for the Chuck community.  I hope it pans

(As an after-thought, it occurs to me that I may have classmates out
there on this list.  Speak up!)


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