[chuck-users] Breakage - ChucK application?

Robin Davies robin.davies at quest.com
Fri Sep 7 12:26:45 EDT 2007

I echo that sentiment. Without timestamp support, OSC is really only
good for textural and non-tempo based composition. One of my great
frustrations with OSC is that most of the software that does implement
OSC does not support timestamping. (Reaktor also has this problem, for
example; MAX/MSP allegedly does support timestamping). 

I'd be willing to contribute coding time to implementing timecode
support into Chuck, if there's not already an initiative to do so. (I
actually had source for this in an old chuck build; but, at the time,
there was no easy way to send back patches that touch several files
(Timestamping needs scheduler support to work properly, so it affects a
half-dozen or so files).

Fwiw, I wouldn't hold out high hopes of MIDI being tightly scheduled
either. Stable scheduling of received midi messages is difficult to do
on a single platform, and I don't belive that Chuck support timestamped
midi message either (without correct timestamping of received MIDI
messages, control-cycle jitter means that MIDI is also not good for much
more than textural and non-tempo based control, too). Not sure that I'm
up to implementing timestamping of MIDI messages though. I'm sure
there's little cross-platform support for timestamped midi.

Robin Davies

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--- Stephen Sinclair <radarsat1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> ChucK supports OSC as well, of course.

But not OSC timestamps. Having sample-accurate timing is the big win
with Chuck. Take that away and there's much less benefit to using it as
an engine.

I need to look into how the OSC control works (total newbie with OSC)
and if the above limitation is going to break my heart. Maybe MIDI would
be better (doubt it).

-- robin
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