[chuck-users] how is this "on the fly"?

robin.escalation robin.escalation at acm.org
Mon Sep 17 08:49:10 EDT 2007

--- AlgoMantra <algomantra at gmail.com> wrote:

> If you prepare your files and code in advance and then just chuck
> the
> shreds in and out of the VM, it really is a a bit like sequencing,
> rather
> than livecoding. And if I change the code in the file, save it,
> then the
> effects don't appear live, do they?

In my little free time that I am spending with ChucK I am trying to
figure this out as well! The best I get is editing one file while
another is playing. This feels more like batch programming than real

> Maybe i'm missing something freakin obvious, but I'm so frustrated
> having had to learn Csound, Chuck, SuperCollider and all sorts of
> new languages just because Python did not provide me with a simple
> audio processing module. All I wanted to do using Python was
> analyse the sound
> of a live flute playing and plot its frequency, and other
> characteristics,
> straight off the audio port.

It is annoying that no-one has wrapped a decent library for Python.
But haver you checked out my article on this topic? It could be that
if you have simple needs PyMedia or one of the other mentioned tools
might do.


-- robin

Robin Parmar

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