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Your idea about what kind of DSP is happening inside the phone, and the
access available right now
was answered quite nicely by Gatti Lorenzo. That IS how it is for now.

I do think, however, if one obtains sufficient knowledge of PIC/ARM or some
sort of microcontrollers,
one might be able to add on extra sensors (thermistor, accelerometer,
gyroscope, piezoelectric)
and a small microprocessor to go with it to eat all the data where it is
collected and sing a nice tune
to the intestines of the phone. I should be able to comment more
authoritatively on this subject in the
next few months. Modding the phone is the way out, for sure. That's what I
intend to do.

I just did some experiments and now finally I have decided to take the
following route. Motion detection
on my phone is proving too slow (there's a 1-2 second raster, which needs to
be cut by ten times), so.....

I have the camera of the phone watching me and sending pictures every few
microseconds via Bluetooth
to a buffer in the PC where they are analysed for motion. I am not sure
whether to go with the regular
pixel matcher algorithms, or try something new like R-G-B comparison, edge
analysis. I don't know
yet - but finally it is the result of this analysis that will drive a
graphic board, the Chuck sequencer.
The graphical representation of the Chuck sequencer has to appear in sync
with, and its dynamics
a direct result of my movement. That's the project,
actually..............now back to burning my brain up.

Now you might say, why not a webcam then? The answer to that I have, but its
pretty long winded and
I will provide it if you ask ;)  Unless you can guess it first. Heh heh!

- 1/f
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