[chuck-users] Bluetooth and Wiimote: a long-term feature request

Inventor-66 at comcast.net Inventor-66 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 17 04:28:07 EDT 2008

I've been researching 3-axis accelerometers and have decided to build my own joystick HID unit.  This will require custom homemade circuit board construction, though not much of it, and the purchase of two $35 circuit boards from the web.  So no problem, it should work great and then I can code ChucK to know the position and orientation of my guitar at any moment in time.  ChucK can then do many interesting special effects to the guitar sound with that information, freeing the player from clumsy pedals and such.  

It should be kewl, but along the way I learned that there are many Bluetooth HID products which would have done the job without any special circuitry at all.  In fact, a $50 Wiimote - the remote control for the Wii console game - is a perfect little instrument tracker plus it has buttons and such as well, but ChucK doesn't know how to talk to a Bluetooth sensor.  

So you can see that there is good reason to add Bluetooth HID to the list of ChucK's features.  I wouldn't place it at high priority since the dev team is currently so pressured with feature requests and this is only one application.  Still, I wonder if such a feature as Wiimote instrument tracking might help to popularize ChucK?  Whatever, just making a feature request.  I added it to the bottom of the Wiki feature request list.  

Keep on ChucKin'!

Les Hall

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