[chuck-users] the return of the abused models

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 11:16:56 EDT 2008

Hi, list.

Some time ago we talked about abusing the STK models for getting strange
sounds, I found a nice new one using StifKarp. I was controlling the
"stretch" parameter with my new tilt-sensing joypad and discovered that
shaking the joypad led to nice noises. Here's a demo without the joypad for
your enjoyment.

//"spooky sound" by Kassen.
//Permission granted to modify and copy.
//No warranties, no refunds, please mind your speakers and neighbours.
//Remixing strongly encouraged.

StifKarp s =>  dac;

//low frequency for nice spooky sound
50 => s.freq;

//the following lines are to have a note-on without actually
//hearing the default pluck. StifKarp won't make a sound without one
0 => s.gain;
1=> s.noteOn;
2::second => now;

//turn it up again
.8=> s.gain;
.9 => s.sustain;

//exciting signal
TriOsc lfo => ADSR env => blackhole;
//works better if it's a sub-harmonic of the pitch, I think
25 => lfo.freq;
second => env.attackTime;
second => env.decayTime;
.5=> env.gain;

//connects the lfo's signal to the StifKarp "stretch"
//see below
spork ~ envctrl();

int counter;
while(counter < 20)
    1=> env.keyOn;
    3::second => now;
    1=> env.keyOff;
    1::second => now;
//allow it to decay for a bit
2::second => now;


fun void envctrl()
    //the offset and the envelope's gain combine to
   //make sure the value stays in stretch's range
    while(10::ms => now) env.last() + .5 => s.stretch;
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