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Okay, good to know.  Very silly, it shouldn't even matter.

I agree, but that's the situation we're in. I'd be all in favour of Windows
disappearing from the planet but right now we are kinda stuck with it for
some things so let's make the best of it.

> Heheh.. it seriously blew my mind when I realized they'd introduced a
> bug that means that if you have IE7 installed when you compile
> completely unrelated software, you must have IE7 or Vista in order to
> run it.  Totally insane.  You can't make this stuff up.

I think to some degree people tend to assume others are "like them". For MS
people it's probably self evident that everybody has the latest version of
IE. Some time ago I noticed that my Gnome interface on my Ubuntu box depends
on a CD burning program... which is quite annoying  if you're a bit of a
minimalist and don't have a CD burner on that box.

> Documentation is good, and in fact the mail archives even work quite
> well for that.  However, I think the real answer would be to get it
> going under MingW.  MSYS can be a bit of a pain to get set up, but
> I've found it quite reliable once you've got it working.  One idea
> that came to mind is to fork msysGit:
> http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/
> I'm a fan of this project because in addition to being a great source
> code management program, it provides a single installer that unpacks
> itself wherever you want with a complete MSYS/MingW environment ready
> for hacking.  Tweaking it to include everything needed to compile
> ChucK wouldn't be all that hard.  I'll try to look into this when I
> get a chance.

That does sound good, yes.

> Another thing I'd like to do sometime is create a tutorial on how to
> make a ugen.  Looking at the source, it seems really non-obvious, so I
> think having some explicit help in this direction would probably get
> more people interested.

I think a fair amount of people are already interested in that , yes, but
indeed it does look hard. I can edit existing Ugens and expect it to work in
a few tries but new ones would hook into the system in so many places that
it gets a bit scary. I think there are others that think about it that way.
For example; on the forum there has been a lot of talk about overdrives and
there are some nice designs, partially homebrew, partially inspired by SC
ones so that could be a nice place to start.

> No problem.  I'd really like to see more people collaborating here, so
> I'm all for it.
Me too. I have long held that docs on how to build Ugens would be good for
the comunity as that would enable more people to add to ChucK, the same
would go for includes so we could have libaries. ChucK is working great as a
intro for programming and the syntax is close enough to C to understand -for
example- what goes on inside of a Ugen but ChucK does not prepare you for
the full complexity of something the size of the ChucK code itself so now
there's a group of people "stuck" there.

This is a area where I think we can learn a lot from our friends over at the
SC community. SC is of course larger and older so that's a factor int heir
user-contributed Ugens but I also think the process they have for adding
them is a big factor.

If you would take the time to write this documentation I'd be delighted to
test it and give feedback.

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