[chuck-users] newbie questions

joachim heintz jh at joachimheintz.de
Mon Aug 25 06:17:05 EDT 2008

Hi -

I'm new in ChucK (up to now I used mainly Max and Csound). I like the  
language and would like to use it for my next piece, which will be  
for trombone and live-electronics. What I need is:
1. record the live input (6 microphones) in buffers and play the  
content back later (in parts);
2. live transposition via fft (like the gizmo object in Max);
3. working on partials (e.g. changing the amplitudes or selecting any).

I think this is not very sophisticated, but after having a look in  
the documentation and the examples I don't know whether it can be  
done in ChucK, and how.

So I'd appreciate a lot if anyone can tell me where I can find some  

Thanks in advance!


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