[chuck-users] Organizing Chuck Projects

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 17:01:17 EST 2008

mike clemow wrote:

> Just thought I'd plumb the depths of your collective brains (as a
> procrastination break) to see how you all organize larger coding
> projects in Chuck.  I have a bunch of public classes in files and an
> init.ck file that Machine.add's them all in the proper order.  DIY
> Chuck class library.  It's kind of hackish, though, and I want to
> write a Chuck session manager application.
> Is that a dumb idea?
> How do you all organize your code?

Good question.

I like to design "little" classes and as such I have some 140 public
classes in my include directory.  My experiments with the upchuck
script discussed earlier on this list never worked out for me -- it
could not handle transitive dependencies very well.  E.g. class Graphs
--includes--> Graph --includes-> ArrayList --includes --> List
--includes--> Functions --includes--> Interpolator --> FloatFunction
and so on.

Currently I just cut and paste the classes I need into each script,
since then you don't have to determine the proper order.

Yeah for code reuse.


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