[chuck-users] Three cheers ( and one small frown) for Dan

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 08:48:03 EST 2008

Dear list (and Dan!)

LiSa.track() is brilliant! ( See;
http://wiki.cs.princeton.edu/index.php/LiSa_examples ). In the past days
I've had a renewed enthusiasm for experimenting with LiSa to try to emulate
turntable scratches and now turntableist techniques/gestures as well. (You
can read reports and see videos excerpts of the relevant sessions here;
http://steim.org/jamboree08/ there is a interesting forum starting here;
http://forum.itchymuzik.com/index.php ). LiSa.track() seems especially well
suited to emulating platter inertia; if I understand it all correctly a
simple LPF over the tracking signal will give us most of this "for free".
Brilliant stuff, loads of cheap fun with breakbeats. This will be very
useful indeed to many people, I imagine.

But... unless I'm completely mistaken this was nowhere to be seen in the
release notes. I knew it was comming, but I had no idea it was here already.


//"abstract turntableism" by Kas, hacked up in a few minutes
//Remixing strongly encouraged
//add your own break, tweaking may be needed

SndBuf b => LiSa l => Envelope cut => dac;

//add your own
"break2.wav" => b.read;
b.samples()::samp => l.duration;
1 => l.record;
l.duration() => now;
0 => l.record;


Step unity => Envelope e => LPF f => l;

//inertia (sort of)
3 => f.freq;

1 => l.track;
1 => l.play;

.125::l.duration() => e.duration;

fun void fade()
    1=> int times;
        Std.rand2(2,6) => times;
        (1.0/times)::e.duration() => cut.duration;
        repeat (times)
            !(cut.value() $ int) => cut.target;
            cut.duration() => now;
spork ~fade();

1=> int direction;
    -1 *=> direction;
    (.125 * Std.rand2(direction, 4* direction) + e.target()) % 1 =>
    e.duration() => now;
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