[chuck-users] windows and under privileged users

Jeremy Hunt jrmy at berkeley.edu
Wed Feb 20 14:38:35 EST 2008


Only when I am a generic user...As an admin it works fine.  Also,  
just normal "chuck  foo.ck" works fine it is just the interactive  
chuck that is crashing.  The problem is that the computer lab admin  
doesn't want everyone logged in as admins :P So I need to find away  
to grant permission for chuck --loop to run for underprivileged  
accounts--that is why I am wondering what communication protocol  
chuck uses to pass the "chuck + ..."  to the chuck --loop.  It is a  
bit annoying to be stuck using a PC lab but that is what I have...



On Feb 20, 2008, at 11:18 AM, Stephen Sinclair wrote:

> On Feb 20, 2008 1:48 PM, Jeremy Hunt <jrmy at berkeley.edu> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I am trying to use ChucK to teach a digital audio synthesis class.
>> The class is taught in a PC lab with winxp (I have little experience
>> with winxp).  My question, is it possible to run chuck --loop from
>> under privileged accounts?  My tests end up crashing chuck (same with
>> miniAudicle) when I chuck + foo.ck to a looped chuck.  What protocol
>> does chuck use to communicate from one terminal to the next when
>> using --loop?  Any help on steps to get this running would be much
>> appreciated.
> I haven't done much chucking under windows, but I happened to be
> logged into an XP machine so I downloaded chuck off the web
> site and tried 'chuck --loop' in a cygwin window, and 'chuck +
> demo1.ck' in another window.  It seemed to work fine...
> You're not running 64-bit or anything like that?
> Oh, I just realized I'm running as a developer so I have full
> priviledges on this machine.
> Maybe not so helpful then.
> Does it only crash for you when you are in an underpriviledged  
> account?
> Steve
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