[chuck-users] giving birth made easy (and head-hitting)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 15:35:26 EST 2008

Dear list,

It turns out that for a VM that has been running for a arbitrarily long time
it's still easy to find the time of it's birth.

considder the following;

time birth;
now - (now /samp)::samp => time start;
if (start == birth) <<<"Yay">>>;

*hits head*

So, it's possible after all to define objects of type time wthout using time
after all; adding durations to a "fresh" time object will in fact do.

Next up; a poor man's casting;

//the meat
//time to duration and dur to time by Kassen.
//considered trivial once I thought of it
//no rights reserved

fun time dtot (dur input)
 //duration to time
 //probably leaks memory
 time garbage;
 input +=> garbage;
 return garbage;

fun dur ttod (time input)
 //time to duration

 //here we go again with the strong typing
 return ( input/samp )::samp;


*hits head again*

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