[chuck-users] STK Modulate -- does it work?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 11:09:51 EDT 2008

Hi, Chris!

> Wondering if someone can explain STK Modulate to me; I just don't seem to
> get it!

I believe you may be a bit confused and that Modulate is meant as something
to "modulate" other things with, like a LFO in traditional synths, not as
something to be "modulated", then  listened to, though of course if the
ampiltude and frequencty would be set to apropriate values you could listen
to it as well.

Here's a small example I cooked up for you. Note I'm using sync(2) for FM
modulation, adding m's output to s's frequency. When controlling other Ugens
or more advanced structures you may want to periodically poll m.last().

Modulate m => SinOsc s => dac;
2 => s.sync;
20 => m.vibratoGain;
2 => m.vibratoRate;
50 => m.randomGain;

minute => now;
Hope that helps,

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