[chuck-users] Return values of sporked functions?

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Fri Jun 6 09:44:34 EDT 2008

2008/6/6 mike clemow <gelfmuse at gmail.com>:

> Yeah, that's what I figured.  It's okay, it was actually a dumb idea
> anyway.  I'm creating micro-structures of wavelet grains by sporking a
> function that sequences the sporking of functions that run the
> wavelets.  Both functions need to advance time and must be sporked (so
> they can be simultaneous).  i wanted them to return a duration equal
> to the length that they ran.  But if i do my job right i will either
> a) know ahead of time or, b) not care.
You got it; this sounds like a perfectly healthy attitude towards sporking
and shred-infrastructure. I wondered for a while why definitions for shreds
to be sporked were functions as well because as you now see functions and
shreds are quite different on some level. The nice thing is though that with
them also being functions we can choose whether we want the function to run
paralel or serial. That's quite nice and it may make sense on a musical
level as well. In a way they are like straight repetition as compared to a

Good question. Well, I *hope* it's a good question because a few months back
I experimented with the same thing and tried to think of a use for sporked
shreds returning data. In the end I couldn't but it was a interesting
thought experiment and led to fun tests.

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