[chuck-users] A new weird controller

Martin Ahnelöv operagasten at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 06:25:57 EDT 2008

This is basically a device that lets you manipulate 3d-games in the same
way as the wiimote does, except that this one got force feedback so you
can for example feel weather the surface you are touching is soft or
hard, and so on.

Maybe something to take on once you feel done with accelerometers?


"The Novint Falcon lets you feel high-fidelity three-dimensional force
feedback (haptics), while controlling the game in three dimensions. The
Falcon controller not only moves right, left, up and down, like a mouse,
but also moves inwards and outwards for a true 3D touch enabled gaming

"The critics have so far been unanimous stating that the Falcon provides
a more immersive and intense computer gaming experience, some even
stating that it’s Nintendo Wii and Force Feedback on steroids."


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