[chuck-users] audio source in linux

AlgoMantra algomantra at gmail.com
Sat May 3 02:51:13 EDT 2008

> But I've seen someone using
> copy dev/harddrive01 dev/snd01
> and it produces gobbledygook into the sound card.
> You can copy the system random number generator to the dev/sound too.
> I would assume you could then use a program that's a pipe/filter to do
> audio processing in the command line interface.
> Is that the train of thought you're on?

Well, yes. Because I can do the math in any  form I want before
I feed the numbers to the sound card. I wish someone had a simple
"hello world" type example for the command line. Anything that converts
a float array or sequence of numbers into its sound by directly
talking to the sound card from the command line. I assume that
Chuck's foundation is this very level in the system... but I'm
happy if I'm wrong.

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