[chuck-users] I like alias-noise and 8bit

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sun May 18 07:32:48 EDT 2008


I'd like to resample a 44100 signal to something like 10K *and* hear the 
alias noise. Also I'd like to resample to lower bitdepth, something like 
8 or 6 bit.

1) How it that most efficiently done with chuck?

2) I event thought it might be possible for me to implement this as a 
real UGen. My plan would be to start from one of the simple UGens 
(gain), and expand/modify from there, but before even looking into the 
chuck source, is there any documentation about doing this? Should I 
expect this to be more effective in implenenting in chuck-code, and if 
so about how much? Also. supposed I actually succed in making something 
that works, could it be included in future chuck-releases?

peace, love & harmony

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