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Mon May 19 08:45:24 EDT 2008

2008/5/19 AlgoMantra <algomantra at gmail.com>:

> Yo All....I'm trying to download and study some of the best
> music out there which features granular synthesis. I haven't heard
> much yet beyond Iannis Xenakis, but I'd love to know what
> your favorites are.

Replying on the ChucK list since it seems more topical (?).

Mostly I'm not so into either the "6 speakers, grains, stroke your chin
while sitting on a chair, debate afterwards" style or the "pull a amen
through the latest hottest VST" thing. I heard a bit too much of that and to
my ear most of it lacks feeling, probably because grains are often quite
hard to control. Many times I feel randomness plays a too large role as

What I really like though is Michel Waisvisz's performances which are based
on Steim's "LiSa" which in turn uses grains and controlled in realtime using
his "Hands" controler.

I'm not sure how much of his music was recorded at all, I think he stuck to
live performing for years. Since he lives in (I think) Amsterdam and me in
The Hague (45 minutes by train) so I got to see him play a few times. I
think the main thing that atrackts me in his work is how much of it is done
directly and in realtime with very little (if any?) randomness.

Oh, and AGF's song "Piano's", I like that one a lot as well.

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