[chuck-users] Interesting stereo widening effect

Rich Caloggero rjc at MIT.EDU
Thu May 29 12:24:09 EDT 2008

Wow, very cool. Will chuck do delays that short? I assume it probably has 
more to do with the speed of the hardware than anything inherent about 
-- Rich

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Rich Caloggero wrote:

> Try it with headphones. If you crank up the gain, then you'll hear it
> better through speakers.

We discussed this kind of effect over at linux audio user, and it seems
that this effect is a very specialized effect, only applicable at the
listeners end. This is not to discourage you, just to pass on advise
from a person who's knowledge I respect (Fons Adriaensen). That said I'm
gonna check your code out for sure, it sounds interesting!!!

"So the delay part is crucial and the result can be good?
I don't understand how long the delay should be (although I know how
fast sound travels and how far apart my ears are). Supposed I'm 10
meters away from a PA (speakers 10 meters apart),
what should the delay be? What if I'm listening at home, 3 meters
away from my home stereo (speakers 3 meters apart)?"

Fons Adriaensen:
"It's not supposed to work in those conditions. What you need is
two speakers that you see in an angle of about 20 degrees (so
much closer than normal), and a distance of around 2 to 3 meters.
The 'sweet spot' is quite small. Two or more listeners should
be behind each other, not besides. The required delay is very small,
around 100 us."

"What if I'm listening through  headphones?"

Fons Adriaensen:
"Bad idea ! Xtalk cancellation is used to *replace* headphones,
while allowing the listener to turn his/her head w.r.t. the
speakers. Allowing this makes the image much more 'real' than
with headphones."

> Thanx to the person who helped me with the inversion (sorry I forget
> your name, but you know who you are <smile>).

That would be me :-)

peace, love & harmony

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