[chuck-users] Electronic ChucK

inventor-66 at comcast.net inventor-66 at comcast.net
Wed Oct 1 02:24:37 EDT 2008

Hi folks, 

I have this Idea and let me know if it's crazy as many of my ideas are, but I think it's a good one:  electronic ChucK.  The concept is to build little bitty circuit boards that each model a ChucK UGen.  Naturally the more complex ones like the instruments are too complex to attempt initially, but the simple ones like gain, SqrOsc, LPF and the like can be easily constructed.  Once these modules are available in physical form as little circuit boards, a user can hook them up just like a ChucK patch.  Some of the programming aspects of ChucK can also be modeled with PIC processor modules.  

I envision using the miniature screw-terminals available for interconnect so that the electronic ChucKist can hook them up with wire.  If solid wire is used, one could construct geometric structures that occupy physical space in three dimensions.  There would be support modules such as a power module, a dac module, and some types of adc modules, plus LED modules, etc.  

I am interested in your opinion of the project as I believe that ChucKists work better as a group than individually.  I would make the schematics and layout files available for free on the internet and also I would do production runs of the boards for people who wanted to just buy the thing instead of DIYing it.  What are your thoughts?  


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