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> Hi folks,
> I have this Idea and let me know if it's crazy as many of my ideas are, but
> I think it's a good one:  electronic ChucK.  The concept is to build little
> bitty circuit boards that each model a ChucK UGen.  Naturally the more
> complex ones like the instruments are too complex to attempt initially, but
> the simple ones like gain, SqrOsc, LPF and the like can be easily
> constructed.  Once these modules are available in physical form as little
> circuit boards, a user can hook them up just like a ChucK patch.  Some of
> the programming aspects of ChucK can also be modeled with PIC processor
> modules.
> I envision using the miniature screw-terminals available for interconnect
> so that the electronic ChucKist can hook them up with wire.  If solid wire
> is used, one could construct geometric structures that occupy physical space
> in three dimensions.  There would be support modules such as a power module,
> a dac module, and some types of adc modules, plus LED modules, etc.
> I am interested in your opinion of the project as I believe that ChucKists
> work better as a group than individually.  I would make the schematics and
> layout files available for free on the internet and also I would do
> production runs of the boards for people who wanted to just buy the thing
> instead of DIYing it.  What are your thoughts?
> Les
> (Inventor)


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