[chuck-users] determining the type of an Object in code

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 18:43:28 EDT 2008

mike clemow;

>I wanted to write a class that would abstract arrays like the
Collection class in SuperCollider.  I guess I can't.  I would have to
write a class for each type of object that I wanted to make
Collections of.

I think you are right.

I'd like a way to address arrays because there are many things one might
like to do to arrays that don't depend on the type; removing a object,
inserting one, randomising or reversing the order of the locations, etc, and
right now you can't.

The same goes for Ugens, it might be nice to be able to reason about those
in a more abstract way, for example to re-connect them yet I don't think you
can write a function that takes something of type "Ugen" as a argument or
returns one.

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